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En 29 år gammal kille från Västra Götaland, Ulricehamn Kommun, vegby
2856XPMedlem sedan 21/08 2006, kl 19:22 Senaste besök 23/06 2008, kl 16:50


Ride trough the valley in thunder and rain, the battle is raging, redeem this domain!  The castle of Eden lies silent above. Darkness surruonds us, away we must go. I look trough the eyes of the world, I see there's a stranger among us. Awaiting a sign from above, to conquer the power and the glory! Enter the battle our will to enchain, Bringing us forward, defeting the pain! In to the meeting with swords made of steel. we're standing togheter, the secret reveals. I look through the eyes of the world. I  know who's the stranger among us. Awaiting a sign from above to conquer, To conquer the power and the glory! Come across to the promised land. Close your eyes I will take your hand.Through the river of steel we'll go. When the dragon lies bleeding! Above the glory we carry on, now the time has to return back home. The setting sun illuminates the daed. On the battlefield it's shining red. Silent lies Eden on top of the moor. We're fighting with honour, protecting our lord. The last one survivior lies bleeding I kneel, into his heart I settle the steel. I look trough the eyes of the world. There is no stranger among us. We march to the end of the world in search for the power and the glory. Come across to the promised land, close your eyes, I will take your hand. Truogh the river of steel we'll go. WHEN THE DRAGON LIES BLEEEDIING. Icy water on my hands...The roar of thunder everywhere...I close my eyes, I realize I'm far away from home,In the twilight zone, the shadows mourn! Out of the night came the shining..The metal age! Ivory towers conceal my eyes.Caught up in a long lost time! Where no one speaks, at liberty, they guard their destiny! To forge the steel, they will reveal.Out of the night came the shining...I'm falling into the breach! I'm a stranger in this land, I'm falling. Standing strong , the brave and the elder!With scars seldom forgotten, above it all, Come with us, offering shelter from the icy wind that shiver.Come with us to the twilight zone. You're welcome to The metal age.Hear the bell begins to chime. The moonlit skies burst out in flames. The time has come, it must be done, let the power be unchained. By the force within, let the war begin! Out of the night came the shining... The metal Age! Silent screaming, you're on your own. Balancing on the blade between what's right and what is wrong. Don't loose your faith, don't sit there in silcence! Show your strength, let's hail the metal Gods! Bare your heart. All for one, our burning hearts will live forever. One for all, together standing strong. Hammerfall- We will Prevail. Hammerfall- let us hail. Just follow your heart don't listen to the crowd, The visdom the voice is callingt from inside. The time long forgotten will soon come again. Prepare for the meeting, THE GODS OF METAL AGE!!! Is is too late to go in peace, I wonder how, how these things did start anyway. Maybe too late to find a way, when the trail of greif is marked with memories. Now when youre gone the warmth of the sun seems so far away. I beleive, in everything I see. Every second is a miracle for me. I belive, after sunshine comes the rain. When it's pouring down, all I fell is pain. I walk alone through shapeless dreams. My only home is the wasteland that I cross. I close the door and turn the key, those days of joy are barely memories. Now when you're gone, your star will shine on, wont you shine for me. You made me see right past myself, well beyond my fears, realized I'm synchronized, far beyond my years. I'm so guard unto them, I serve unto their souls. Now that I'm addicted, my hunger only grows. I'm a child of the damned, I follow where I go. Rigging to the cross, as holy as a      . I'm just a child of the damned

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