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A genius physicist, scientist, and theorist who lived in the early part of the twentieth century created the theory of Relativity and in doing so became the first human being to gain an understanding of the fabric of the space-time continuum. His name was Albert Einstein. A man considered to be one of the greatest thinkers in the field of science, mathematics and philosophy in the 20th century, and quite possibly throughout human history.

One of his more famous theories was the equation of E=MC^2 (energy = matter x the speed of light in the power of 2), proving that all energy is made up of light and matter. This knowledge would eventually lead to the "Manhattan Project" and resulted in the creation of the first nuclear weapons, the most powerful form of weaponry ever to be created by humans. It was this, as well as many other theories that led to the birth of a new science called "Quantum Physics", the complex study of matter, energy, light and the bases of all life - the atom. Later on in his life, Einstein was allowed the opportunity to work with a very famous man named Nikola Tesla.

Tesla was the leading scientist in the field of electricity at the time, so to Albert Einstein, it was a great notability for his career, as well as Tesla's. At a certain point in time, however, when they met, they were approached by the United States government to participate in a Black Project which would later become known as the ominous Philadelphia Experiment.

The reason for the advance by the United States government was, in-part, due to the research that both Einstein and Tesla conducted together, during their brief meetings. Einstein came up with the Unified Field Theory, which spoke of the ability to jam certain types of radar, thereby making objects become invisible. It would be some time later in the late 1970's and early 1980's that the United States Air Force would complete this device, which would be code-named "Athena".

It had the potential to eliminate the radar bands, which would be hitting the plane, by sending back a return signature of the given radar band. However, the project would be dropped due to lack of funding. The reason why Tesla was chosen as the second leading scientist along with Albert Einstein was due to his knowledge and insight in generating a large amount of electricity with little or no effort. The United States Office of Naval Research would eventually hire both of them to conduct an experiment to try and make an object invisible to radar as well as actual sight.

In the fall of 1943 the Navy prepared seven gigantic Tesla Coils and configured them according to the calculations of Einstein's theory of Relativity and beamed them towards the USS Eldridge (DE-173), a medium-sized battle cruiser berthed just outside Philadelphia.

The results of the experiment were as stunning as they were awesome. The ship would vanish completely for about seven to ten minutes. When the ship reappeared, naval researchers and scientists would discover the horrific results of the experiment.

Several members of the crew were found decapitated and some seemed to have actually materialized as a part of the ship's hull, partly embedded into its structure. It appeared that the experiment had caused a complete breakdown of the Einstein suggested space-time continuum.

Einstein would be forced to rethink his theory and write a very lengthy report on what occurred in the Black Project. It would be some years later that he would again work with his Unified Field theory. Yet instead of making an object invisible, he decided to put the theory of time traveling to the test. Experimenting with ideas of using a large magnetic field and electricity to generate a small, controllable wormhole, he soon learned of the power and complexity of creating a rip in the fabric of time and space.

It would take many grueling years working with colleagues and deciphering the multifaceted equation, which would reveal how to slow down time and create the possibility of traveling backwards through it. It also would lead to the explanation of what exactly occurred during the Philadelphia Experiment in 1943. After some years, he was able to create a device, which could be considered a "Time Machine" based on the theories of wormholes, black holes, magnets, and electricity. The name of the theory, which he would endow upon time traveling, would be "chronoshifting." It would later be defined as "the ability of shifting from one place to another in a certain time window". Thus Einstein named his "Time Machine" the "Chronosphere".

ChronosphereIt then suddenly began to become clear that Einstein was having a second agenda that no one was aware of. He apparently reached the final stages of the research and completed the Chronosphere device independently with the aid of only one of his most trusted assistants, without any knowledge of either his team or the supervisors of the project.

The location was Trinity, New Mexico. The date was sometime in the year 1946. It would be this independent action of Albert Einstein to initiate the experiment on his own that would separate our dimension from the Command & Conquer Universe. Einstein's motives are unclear, and we must consider the fact that this man's intelligence far outweighs that of our own. Therefore, it will never truly be understood why he committed these acts. Nevertheless, the most plausible explanation is a humane one. World War II had cost an amount of human lives so numerous that no person could truly comprehend the consequences for those involved. It had caused severe damage to an entire continent, led to the creation and utilization of the most dreadful form of weaponry ever to be created and it brought a number of ideologies to the human mind that manifested themselves as both highly regenerative and severely hazardous to world peace.

Therefore, we must consider the possibility that when Einstein realized he had the ability of accomplishing time-travel, he decided to use it to prevent the horror of World War II of ever taking place.

In order to accomplish this goal, Einstein knew that there was only one-way: take away the source out of the course of history. His Prime Directive was to eliminate Adolf Hitler and halt World War II. By doing this, the Jews would not suffer from the concentration camps in Europe, the naval war between America and Japan could be avoided and the releasing of the atom bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki would've never happened.

The only way to do this was to disrupt the historical time line and come into contact with Hitler himself. When the "Time Traveler" would meet Hitler, the history of mankind would be changed, by eliminating the existence of Hitler and thus ensuring the survival of all those who both directly as well as indirectly suffered under his destructive terror. That "Time Traveler" would be Einstein.

Throughout the course of World War II history, there was but only one place and time where Einstein could be able to come into personal contact with Adolf Hitler. A time when Hitler had not risen to power and a place where his exact whereabouts were completely confirmed. The place was Landsberg, Germany. The time was somewhere in 1924, when Hitler was released from custody after his initial coup on the German government several years back.

By the laws of quantum physics, any entity that is in a state of space-time continuum flux had to avoid physical contact with any entity native to the visited time line. If any physical contact between the fluctuating entity and the native entity would happen, the theorized effect was something defined as a "Temporal Paradox". This "Paradox" would result in the immediate space-time restoration of the fluctuating entity, but cause a complete dimensional dislocation of the native entity. Apparently, Albert Einstein was very aware of this, and knew that all that had to be done to accomplish his mission was to somehow establish physical contact with Adolph Hitler.

Technically, though, the second entity can be absolutely anything. Hence just by being there, just by disturbing previously undisturbed air molecules, or walking on that previously un-walked-on, at that specific time, ground, that Temporal Paradox takes effect. So just by the very presence of the present Albert Einstein in the past, a dimensional dislocation would occur.

Somewhere in Trinity, New Mexico in the year 1946, The Chronosphere was activated by Einstein's unidentified assistant and Einstein found himself standing in front of... A prison, in Landsberg, Germany in 1924.

Hitler shakes hands with Einstein and is being erased from time.Then the moment arrived. A young man stepped out of the prison door. Einstein walked toward him and said in German: "Herr Hitler!" (Sir Hitler!). The young man turned around, looked at him and answered: "Ja? Was ist loos? Ich habe keine Zeit um hier rund zu stehen." (Yes? What is it? I don't have time to be standing around here). In which Einstein prophetically replied: "Ja.... ich verstehe." (Yes... I know / I understand). Then he held out his hand towards Hitler as to invite him to shake hands. Hitler did so, and in touching Einstein, the theory of the Temporal Paradox became true. Einstein returned to 1946 New Mexico. Adolph Hitler had never even existed. It would be this fateful day that changed the history of mankind forever.

As Einstein found himself in the Chronosphere laboratory again, he found his assistant waiting there for him. The assistant asked "...did you find him?", in which Einstein slowly replied: "Hitler is... out of the way...". The anxiety on the assistant's face was obvious: "Congratulations professor! With Hitler removed...!". But he never got to finish the sentence. Einstein raised his hand, which silenced his assistant. While looking at his old pocket watch, which was apparently going berserk, he spoke the final words of our reality.

"Time will tell... sooner or later... time will tell..."
- Albert Einstein, 1946 Trinity, New Mexico

But time will not tell, at least not for this Albert Einstein. For although time travel may very well be possible, utilizing the right ideas and technologies, something as simple as the Grandpa Paradox prevents actual manipulation of past events.

Simply put, it's not that Einstein changed our history, by eliminating Hitler. It's that Einstein created a new universe, a parallel timeline of events, completely identical to our own up until that one point. That single nexus in time. Up until 1924 and the elimination of Hitler.

It is understandable that Einstein did not fully comprehend his actions or their consequences. A later scientist, of our own time, by the name of Stephen Hawking has come up with what is called the Chronology Protection Conjecture. This theory, this conjecture, in effect, prevents time travel; at least it did, in its origins. It states that in a four dimensional existence time travel is not possible and that this four dimensional universe will prevent it from happening, by cataclysmic event horizons, self negating tidal waves within attempted worm holes or any number of other ways in which the physics of this universe will prevent it from happening.

Thinking further, and perhaps realizing this not to be a four dimensional existence, Stephen Hawking, as well as a number of other scientists and thinkers, have found an exception to the Conjecture. Parallel Universes - a six dimensional existence.

One cannot and will not change past events by time travel. This, however, does not mean Time Travel to be an impossibility or a paradox. By actually going back in time and, inevitable, changing events, one would not affect one's own timeline. One will, however, create a new universe. A parallel universe to his original universe, a completely identical timeline of events up to that point to which he time traveled - completely different or almost identical after the changed event, depending on the event's prominence in the timeline. Of course the traveler himself, whether knowingly attempted to change past events, or changed them by just introducing an alien object into the past environment, he himself, will return back to his own time on his own timeline, his own universe, without anyone the wiser.

So indeed, the Temporal Paradox has taken place; Einstein was flung back to his point of origin. To his own time. To his own universe. Hitler has disappeared after his release from prison, but not in our timeline, not in our universe. But in a newly created, parallel universe - a parallel timeline. That dimensional dislocation...

And so, time will not tell Albert Einstein if his elimination of Hitler has made a difference, cause for him and his assistant, in their lab, nothing has really changed. But, unbeknownst to them, a new universe was created. A new timeline of events following the elimination of Hitler has been created. And that is the story of the Command & Conquer universe.

The Great World War II

The Philadelphia ExperimentAfter the elimination of Hitler, great many things had transpired. GPS existing in the 1950'ies. The sophistication of rockets understood within 10 years. Satellites, super computers, etc... All accomplished before the 1960'ies arrived. One of the many examples of the changes was the Philadelphia Experiment turning out to be a success, and in turn, the United States Government declassified the project and passed it out to countries that were in the United Nations. But most importantly, World War 2 had never taken place. Einstein went out to accomplish the impossible, and succeeded.

In the early 1950'ies, the already established United Nations noticed that the Soviet Union was becoming a super-power in the world and was beginning to build up a vast army, as well as progress in the technological field faster than anyone ever imagined.

Within a few short years, the Soviets were able to break the speed of sound and have the capability of launching a nuclear warhead. Under the rule of Stalin, the Soviet Union would undergo a drastic change as they began to build up in strength and intelligence. There was a purpose though, and that would soon be announced to the world when Stalin would launch the first of a series of attacks on Europe. Although Hitler was gone, Stalin still remained. He would take his place in the role of historical global conquest, and would be far worse in military strength, determination, quantity of troops, and especially the quality of his war technology. The intensity of war would reach its peak as the Soviet Union blanketed most of Eastern Europe in an "Iron Curtain". This war between the Soviet Union and the Allied European Nations would later be known as...

"The Great World War II"

Fight for Freedom
The Iron Curtain began to fall upon all of Europe and the Allies (the military unification of the beleaguered European Nations) were left with a bigger problem then they could have ever anticipated. Unlike Hitler's concentration camps and mass killings, Stalin decided to take all of Europe by sheer force. Hitler and the Axis Power had taken about 1/4 of Europe in World War II. In this "Great World War II," Stalin would take approximately 3/4 of Europe, leaving only England and some other countries in the wake of the destruction. The Chaos Theory had taken place.

It would take some time before the Allies would realize the power which the Soviet Union possessed. The fight for the freedom of Europe from the Soviets had begun but it might already have been too late, as the United Nations was reluctant to come to the aid of the European Allies in a war that could turn worldwide very easily.

General Gunther Von Esling, Colonel Nikos Stavros, and Tanya AdamsOur Einstein's plan to avoid a worldwide, armed conflict was a failure, as all of Europe was under Red Alert. The Soviets had a powerful army and air force, consisting of MiGs, Mammoth Tanks, and V2 Rocket Launchers. Their quality, as well as their quantity, was the best in the world at the time. The European Allies (under the brilliant command of German General Gunther Von Esling and Greek Colonel Nikos Stavros) would prove to be a worthy adversary however, as they managed to battle the Soviet invaders for many months regardless of the unimaginable losses of lives and territory, desperately trying to get the "neutral" United Nations on their side against Stalin. Having the genius of the Albert Einstein of the new time line available to them, they would be able to use many new technological devices that would highly aid in the war. The Chronoshift technology, which was indirectly responsible for the entire situation, was an example of this, as it helped outsmart the power of the Soviet war machine.

Eventually, due to the near heroism of the European Allies in holding ground against the Soviet seat of power, and due to the fact that the United Nations became aware that Europe was just the first step in Stalin's eyes, several of the world's most powerful nations including the United States of America, India and Japan turned against the Soviet-Union and allied themselves with the European defenders. After several months, the Allies finally broke through the last lines of Soviet defenses and Stalin was killed in the last siege on Moscow.

The surviving Allies would win the war, realizing that their victory had cost them all but their lives. Europe was completely decimated. Over 100 million human lives were lost.

After this great disaster in Europe, a secret organization would be formed by the United Nations to deal with terrorism and to stop another incident like the Great War from ever occurring again.

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