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En 26 år gammal kille från Stockholm, Huddinge Kommun, Trångsund
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Jag är inte inne så ofta men jag kommer tillbaka snart.
Command & conquer 3 tiberium wars

Nod Units - Ground & Air

Militants: This is Nod's basic soldier. Has a GAU-3 chaingun as it's weapon. Best to combine it with other units. Also good for scouting. Won't survive long in the Tiberium fields. Comes with 8 to a squad.

Militant Rocket Soldier: These are 'airburst' rocket armed infantry able to shoot at both air and ground targets. Mix them with Nod's basic soldier and other units. They come 2 to a squad.

Commando: This is Nod's specialized 'Here' unit, and is female. She can plant C4 on buildings, and take out infantry squads in no time flat with fast-firing laser weapons. Stealthed while standing still. Can call for transport.

Shadow Team: Elite special forces unit for Nod that come equipped with hang gliders to sneak in behind enemy lines. They can also walk on the ground as well. They can attach bombs to buildings, and carry anti-infantry dual machine pistols. Can also cloak with special powers. Comes 4 to a squad.

Black hand Troopers: These are 'elite' infantry that carry flame throwers. They can clear out garrisoned buildings, and are effective against infantry.

Fanatic Squad: Nod's version of the suicide bomber. Effective against most anything, but once used up, they're gone. They lay down their lives for the brotherhood. They come 5 to a squad.

Saboteur: The counterpart for the GDI Engineer. This unit can capture enemy buildings. Once you've captured a building, you can add structures around it, including defenses weapons. They can heal base buildings and repair bridges. They can also take over large units like the Juggernaut, Avatar Mech, etc.

Fast Attack Bike: This is a fast attack vehicle primarily used for scouting the map early, and for hit n run tactics. For instance, use it to destroy enemy harvesters, buildings, and kill infantry. Comes equipped with rocket launchers for use against both ground and air targets. Armor is light.

Raider Buggy: This is a fast attack vehicle primarily used for scouting the map early, and for hit n run tactics. For instance, use it to destroy enemy harvesters and kill infantry. They have 'burst-firing' machines guns good against infantry and light vehicles. Armor is light. Can be upgraded to laser weapons and an EMP Blast effective against vehicles.

Scorpion Tank: This is the main battle tank for Nod. Not much good against infantry units, but you can run over them with it. Effective against armored vehicles and some buildings with it's 105MM armor piercing cannon. Can be upgraded with laser weapons and 'Dozer Blades' (run over un-crushable infantry).

Flame Tank: This is one of Nod's heavy duty tanks. Effective against buildings and infantry, and can also clear out garrisoned buildings with the hot stuff. It isn't as effective against vehicles, but wasn't intended for that use.

Stealth Tank: Comes with a stealth shield. Uncloaks when firing it's rocket weapons. Armor is light. Effective against buildings and vehicles. Good unit to sneak into your enemy's base and create some havoc!

Beam Cannon Artillery: Shoots a 'long-range' destructive beam at vehicles or buildings for a period of time, gradually weakening it. Armor is light, so it needs to be protected. They can also target the Obelisk of Light, and give that structure more range and power.

Avatar WarMech: This is an armored bipedal war machine. It can pull the weapon system out of wrecked units and use it. It comes equipped with a very long range laser effective against most anything. Think of a portable Obelisk of Light. A few of these on the battlefield with cripple your enemy in short time.

Mobile Construction Vehicle (MCV): This unit will help to expand your base of operations. It's a portable construction yard on wheels. Once deployed, you can construct other buildings. It can be packed up and moved to another location.

Harvester: This unit gathers Tiberium from the fields and is your main source for gathering funds to wage your war. This unit is not armed and will need to be protected from enemy units when operating in the field. It also comes stealthed.

VTOL Venom Scout: This fighter can be used against infantry, structures, and tanks. Use it as support for ground troops. Great for hit n run tactics, but be cautious of anti-aircraft defenses due to it's light armor. it comes armed with a 'rapid-fire' machine gun, and can be upgraded with lasers and radar disruption technology.

Vertigo Batwing Bomber: A fast attack bomber that flies in, drops it's payload of 'groundpounder' bombs, and flies back out lickety split. It comes stealthed.

Carryall: The forces of Nod must remain nimble, both to avoid direct assault by GDI, and also to expand Nod's reach to new areas. To this end, the Carryall is able to transport most Nod units to new destinations at minimal cost and high speed. However, it sacrifices armor for its mobility.

GDI Units - Ground & Air

Rifleman Squad: GDI Riflemen are well-trained soldiers armed with burst-firing assault weapons. Deployed in five-man squads, they are the mainstay of GDI ground forces, and are capable of digging in when ordered to protect themselves (or other infantry) when defending a position. Composite Armor upgrade available from the Armory.

Missile Squad: Missile Squads are the natural counterpart to Riflemen, and provide essential support fire against enemy armor and aerial attacks. You get two men to a Missile Squad, and their heavy anti-vehicle weapons make them slower compared with Riflemen, so they are quite vulnerable to enemy attacks. Composite Armor upgrade available from the Armory.

Grenadier Soldier: Grenadiers serve as GDI's close-assault infantry. They are extremely difficult to suppress, and can quickly clear enemy squads out of garrisoned buildings with their high-powered, rocket-assisted grenades. Composite Armor upgrade available from the Armory.

Sniper Soldier: This sniper team can kill most infantry from long range with a single well-placed shot from their modified railguns, and can in conjunction with Juggernaughts to increase the firing distance of the Juggernaught. You get one sniper and one spotter per team.

Zone Trooper: In order to increase operational capability in Tiberium-infested areas known as red zones, the GDI science division developed special powered armor, worn by elite infantry known as Zone Troopers. Zone Troopers are highly mobile (comes with jet packs), well protected, and capable of quickly neutralizing enemy infantry squads and even most vehicles with their heavy-duty railguns. Upgrade with Scanner and Power packs from the Armory.

Commando: The most rare and elite soldier in GDI is the Commando, who operates alone in the most dangerous combat zones. Thanks partly to their burst-firing prototype rail carbines, Commandos are unmatched when fighting enemy infantry. Their special explosives are capable of demolishing structures in an instant, and can even be placed on the legs of large walkers, such as the Brotherhood of Nod's Avatar.

Engineer: Engineers support GDI forces in combat by capturing enemy facilities and civilian tech structures, instantly repairing GDI structures or damaged bridges, and commandeering fallen walkers such as the GDI's own Juggernauts or Nods Avatar Mech. They do not come with any weapons, so they do need to be protected. They can call in an airlift, and be sent anywhere on the battlefield.

Pitbull: The Pitbull is GDI's primary scout vehicle. It is armed with missiles capable of inflicting significant damage against both ground and air vehicles, but is too lightly armored to survive direct combat. Pitbulls can detect stealth units normally invisible to the naked eye, and gain respectable attack power when upgraded with Mortars.

Guardian (APC): GDI infantry rely heavily on Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) to move safely through hostile terrain. They're equipped with a swivel-mounted machinegun capable of fire support against aircraft, infantry, and light vehicles, though APCs also allow infantry squads to freely attack from inside their confines. They can also lay land mines on the battlefield.

Predator Tank: The Predator is the workhorse of the GDI armored forces. It is equipped with an armor-piercing 150mm cannon and can withstand heavy fire thanks to its thick armor, but it is vulnerable to hostile aircraft unless supported with appropriate anti-air defenses like the Pitbull. Can be upgraded with railguns after building a tech center.

Mammoth Tank: The Mammoth Tank is the pride of GDI. Armed with twin 150mm cannons and two rocket pods, it is the ultimate in armored warfare. While relatively slow, the Mammoth is more than a match for all known military vehicles. Good against any vehicles, infantry, and aircraft. Can be upgraded with railguns after building a tech center.

Juggernaught: The Juggernaut is the newly developed mobile artillery platform of GDI, featuring an array of 200mm long-range cannons. It is most valuable when supporting tank operations with its long-range cannons. It also serves as a destructive siege weapon when stationed outside an enemy base, or when Sniper Teams are there to call out targets for it to bombard. 

Mobile Construction Vehicle (MCV): The Mobile Construction Vehicle (MCV) was invented at the dawn of the First Tiberium War to afford maximum mobility to the forces of both Nod and GDI as they moved to constantly outflank each other. The concept proved invaluable, so MCVs can be seen to this day packing and unpacking into Construction Yards in order to establish ever-shifting bases.

Rig: The Rig is GDI's latest counterpart to the MCV. It is a heavy support vehicle capable of deploying into a defensive position anywhere GDI intends to establish a foothold. Once deployed into a Battle Base, it is able to protect itself and other friendly forces with its two integrated Guardian Cannons, a missile launcher, stealth-detection scanners, and automated repair drones to fix your damaged vehicles in the field.

Harvester: Over the last few decades, Tiberium Harvesters have become a common sight in every corner of the world. They are used to gather Tiberium and deposit it in the Tiberium Refinery where it's turned into money to fund your army. Obviously a vehicle you'll want to protect.

VTOL Orca: The Orca is a common sight in the skies above blue zone borders. Thanks to its VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) design, it is effective in a variety of roles including scouting, fire support for ground operations, and direct strikes on enemy installations. It is armed with air-to-ground missiles, and can be outfitted with advanced detection probes (Sensor Pod Upgrade) to increase scouting capabilities.

FireHawk: In order to maintain ultimate air superiority, GDI developed Firehawks, which are faster and more specialized than Orcas. Firehawks can be outfitted with heavy Hellcat Firebombs for razing structures, or air-to-air Rattlesnake Missiles for smashing enemy aircraft at range. When outfitted with Stratofighter Boosters (Upgrade from Tech Center), Firehawks can fly into low orbit, outside the range of enemy air defenses, and then plunge down to attack.

VTOL Transport: Some infantry and vehicles can call for transport while on the battlefield. The VTOL provides this service. It is also used when calling in reinforcements. It is vulnerable to attack while flying.

Scrin Units - Ground & Air
Buzzer: Buzzers are like a cloud of flying razors. They are guided by a limited sentience, and terrifyingly effective against infantry, whether they are fighting for their lives out in the open or seeking cover in urban environments. Buzzers are also often seen swarming about Scrin vehicles, forming a defensive barrier.

Disintegrator: One of the first types of Scrin encountered by humanity were metallic walking creatures approximately the size of horses. Known to travel in packs, they were dubbed Disintegrators due to the large cutting beam attached to their backs. GDI tank pilots also soon discovered that, when crushed under the treads of their vehicles, the power cells from the Disintegrators' plasma cutters would violently explode.

Assimilator: These alarming creatures are capable of quickly integrating themselves into mechanical devices and control systems. Because of this, they are easily able to take control of enemy production facilities and use them for their own purposes. Assimilators may also quickly repair any damage sustained to Scrin structures, and perhaps most frighteningly of all, they are utterly invisible to the naked eye except when in motion.

Shock Trooper: The deadliest Scrin infantry are heavily armored metallic beasts as big as an automobile. Shock Troopers, so called because of their vicious attacks on heavily populated areas, are more than capable of attacking armored vehicles head-on. When outfitted with upgrades, Shock Troopers can even teleport across the battlefield or overwhelm aircraft, not just land vehicles.

Mastermind: Reports of Masterminds on the battlefield are scarce, partly because survival rates against these elite Scrin troopers are grimly low. They can sometimes be found at the heart of concentrated attack forces, and seem to be capable of teleporting Scrin forces from place to place. Masterminds can even take direct control of human vehicles, buildings, and infantry. How they achieve this is not yet well-understood. 

Seeker: The Scrin often reveal themselves to human settlements with a small, agile hovercraft known as the Seeker. Apparently designed for scouting and light skirmishing, the Seeker is equipped with advanced scanners, as well as plasma disc launchers whose ionized, superheated target-seeking warheads prove effective against armor and aircraft.

Gun Walker: Main-line Scrin forces often include Gun Walkers, which appear to be manufactured in spite of their organic, buglike appearance. These legged vehicles are armed with rapid-firing plasma weapons capable of tearing through infantry as well as fast-moving aircraft, although these "plasma spitters" are ineffective against heavier tank armor.

Devourer Tank: The Scrin's Devourer Tank seems modeled after our own tanks, yet features superior maneuverability and firepower thanks to its long-range proton cannon. The "Devourer" name refers to how these alien war machines have been observed soaking up Tiberium in order to supercharge their weaponry.

Corrupter: These large, living vehicles are filled with a vile Tiberium-based concoction that can be sprayed across great distances, causing terrible harm to buildings and infantry divisions. Ironically, these same toxins have a restorative effect on the Scrin's own forces. Unconfirmed reports also claim some humans were transformed by the liquid into pulsating, violent, mindless creatures that lashed out at everything in sight.

Annihilator Tripod: Good against most any vehicle, and comes equipped with three lasers that can independently target with each laser. Armed with a proton cannon array mounted on what look like tentacles, these behemoths also have legs so massive that they can crush tank divisions. Furthermore, their near-impregnable armor sometimes cannot be so much as scratched due to powerful forcefields.

Stormrider: Stormriders were first encountered as they emerged from the ion storms that constantly linger over Red Zones across the world. Fast-attack aircraft armed with twin plasma autocannons, they are effective against both ground and air forces, and seem to benefit greatly from the unstable energy released by ion storms.

Devastator Warship: Devastator Warships are largely responsible for the destruction of Earth's major blue zones, hence their name. They can inflict grievous damage on anything and everything below with relentless barrages from their tremendously long-ranged Zeus Plasma Disc Batteries, even as they float ponderously across the sky. Much like the Stormriders that provide covering fire for them, Devastator Warships also thrive in ion storms.

Planetary Assault Carrier: The heart of most direct actions by the Scrin is a heavy floating starship known as the Planetary Assault Carrier. The carrier contains a complement of Invader-class fighters that are particularly vicious when swarming ground targets, but even more effective when the Carrier stops to generate an ion storm around the outside of its hull.

Mothership: The Scrin Mothership is a rarely-seen superweapon, an ominous and enormous wheel-shaped beam cannon that may also serve as a command hub for Scrin invasion fleets. It moves extremely slowly through the sky, and, upon reaching its destination, releases a jolt of energy capable of utterly destroying anything in an instant. The subsequent chain reaction is capable of leveling entire cities in a single blast.

Drone Ship: Gigantic floating towers appeared suddenly in our Blue Zones as the first sign of alien life on Earth. Once such a Drone Ship finds a suitable location to establish a base, it lands and quickly deploys in order to enable further expansion. These entrenched Drone Platforms represent the heart of an alien base.

Harvester: This is used to gather resources to fund your army. Harvesters absorb Tiberium and bring it back to Extractors, and also seem to self-repair while Tiberium is present.



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You scored as a Tucker
You are Private Lavernius Tucker (Blue Army). The only other relatively "normal" guy. And you NEVER get that damned sniper rifle. Sorry. You were not destined to snipe...ever.

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Donut    55%
Sheila    55%
Church  55%
Lopez    45%
Doc        35%
Sarge      30%
Caboose  25%
Tex        25%

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