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En 28 år gammal kille från Örebro, Hallsberg Kommun
555XPMedlem sedan 13/06 2005, kl 14:46 Senaste besök 29/12 2008, kl 22:12


              Fakta om mig
Namn:Den Onämnde
Ålder:jag är 15 år
Intressen:åka moped slappa med kompisar.
Yrke:Elev ATM=At the moment!
Röker/dricker du?:Nej inte något av dem

Where ever i go pain and destruction will follow me....
who am i? i am ArroW_of_Pain

( . .) 

Help me take over the world!
Copy me! then put me on your webb site so i can have World domenation! mohahahhaha i´m an evil bunny :>

Mina Engelska dikter

You Think you destroyd me... But you where wrong i´m still standing... Stronger then ever and now its your turn to feel Fear and pain......

It is only by fate                 
that any life ends               
and only by chance             
that it is mine not yours.     

Every day a small part of me dies
And their is nothing i can do to stop it

You thought no one would get hurt
But you where Dead wrong.
You Destroyed everything that i once loved
And now i´m just a loner with out a soul!

With out a heart or soul i walk this world alone.
Everyone that i once loved are gone or turned against me and it is all because of you!
You clouded my mind and toke my heart and you destroyed it pice by pice part by part until their were nothing left to destroy. But like a phoenix I arose from the ashes and now it´s my turn to play this sick and twisted game

My heart was like ice but when you came you melted that ice in to an ocean.A ocean of feelings that made my heart Vulnerable.

You where like torch in the dark.But the flame from the torch fadded and i got once again lost in the dark.
Your word was like a daggar stabbing me in the heart.
You left me for dead.
i may have survived but my heart is now frozen again and the only thing left from you is a scar.

The time is here the end is near.
Death is just waiting around the corner to take you away from this world. Just remember that..... ///ArroW_of_Pain

The Scarlet rose has died, Left in my mind like an dream full of pride the scarlet rose has died,

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