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Break the Game - Best indiegame in the world




En 27 år gammal kille från Västmanland, Eskilstuna Kommun
127XPMedlem sedan 18/08 2004, kl 16:27 Senaste besök 28/09 2008, kl 18:18


7 star dragon:i will now consume the dragon balls one more time and i will be unstoppoble

goku:sorry you cant have 5 star drgonball this it belonged to my grandfahter

paragus:broly you hvae grown out of control i have to end this now
broly:sorry im not your little puppy anymore

broly:monster no im not a monster im a devil

krillin: i thougt only sayans whit pure hearts clould be super sayans

vegeta i have always been pure... pure evil

goku:time i need more time then i will fight you i only need one day

cell:of course time i give you plenty of time yes it going to be a tournament!!

goku:a torunament??? why

cell:a matrials arts tournament like the one long time ago in ten days from now im going to start a tournament at least pump your muscles so it become intresting

goku:ok ten days then se you later cell

ss goku: ok i give up!! psyyy (sound wen et turn back to normal)


normal goku: if this is a matrial arts tournament i can

cell: why you litt...

goku: shut up im not finishet there will be another who will kill you

cell: you gotta be joking you cant mean anyone of those djurks

vegeta:why you big blink blink fsyyyyyyyyy (sound when e turn super sayan)

goku: stop that vegeta he will die but not bye your or mine hand gohan!!

gohan:me fight cell??

piccolo:goku you have to be joking you cant mean that gohan are going to fight cell cell are going to crush him

goku:u shut up  gohan remember our training we traind for this figt right

gohan:well i can try

cell:good let get started

fsyyyyyyy (gohan becomes a super sayan)

(after a long fight)

cell:gohan i know that im hurting you i hear your bones crack and see the blod form your clothes

ss gohan:now i know why dad wanted me to fight


ss gohan:dad know that i got a huge power sinse i was a child i just have to be pushed to far and i will lose control

cell: ohh ok then you have done something to work for

android 16:let me take care of this.. i have bomb that i can explode when i want cell it dosent matter how strong you are you will anyway die

krillin: android 16 you cant bulma and her father found the bomb and removed it

cell: such a pity but if you have a death wish i can grant it to you

bang bang BOMM (android 16 explode)

cell:anyonelse want to be a martyr ohh gohan still not angry enouth well we keep on

(they start fighting agen)

(after a wile)

android 16s head:you there

mr.satan:what me??

android 16s head:yes you take me to that boy

mr.satan:are you mad cell i out there.. well it would be a shame for a world champion to run away.. ok

(after he have taken android 16 to gohan)

android 16s head:gohan i know that you dont want to fight whitout any good reson i have too learnt those fealings

cell:what are you not dead yet well yo are now

BANG (android 16 head explode he is dead what a pity)

cell:see gohan antoher fighter that you could save still not angry enouth

gohan:what android 16 you was a brave man and you loved life and you was only an android I WONT WATCH THIS ANYMORE FSYYYYYYYYYY  BOOOMMM (he turne it to a super sayan rage)


(after a wile)

poff (cell spitout android 18) brrrr (cell returne one form)

krillin:android 18 he spitout android 18

reverted cell:what this cant happen well you will die anyway

(poff cell grow into bomb cell)

bomb cell:hahahaha you will die the power of the bomb inside me will even blow up the sun

piccolo:thats it cell have defeted us

goku:there are one way

(he walk forward to cell)

(he set a hand on cell)

goku:i will teleport to king kais planet where he will blow

to be continued

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